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The Trial of the Grave and Resurrection
June 5, 2008, 11:20 pm
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The belief in the Last Day is a belief in all that the Prophet (peace be upon him) told of what will happen after death, belief in the grave trial, in the grave punishment and in the grave delight.

As for the trial, people will be tried in their graves. Every one will be asked: “Who is your God? What is your religion? Who is your Prophet?” Allah will affirm the believers with the true words in this life and in the Hereafter, so the believers will say: Allah is my Lord, Islam is my religion, and Muhammad (peace be upon him) is my Prophet.

But the doubtful will say: “What? What? I don’t know. I heard the people say something, so I said it.” Thence will he be beaten with an iron bar until he sends out a loud scream which all but human beings will hear, because if they would hear it, they would faint.

This trial will be followed either by delight or punishment, until the Big Resurrection (al-Qiyamah al-Kubra) will take place. The souls will be returned to their bodies and the Resurrection, which Allah has told of in His Book (the Qur’an) and through His Prophet, and about which all Muslims agree, will occur. The people, naked, barefoot, uncircumcised, will rise from their graves to face The Lord of The Universe, while the sun moves nearer to them and their own sweat overwhelms them. Then the scales will be set so that people’s deeds may be weighed.

Those whose scales are heavy (with good deeds) will be successful and those whose scales are light (lacking sufficient good deeds), will lose their souls eternally to Hell” (al-Mu’minun 23/102-103)

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